Choosing the best wall clock for your home

Choosing the best wall clock for your home

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Wall Clocks often come last when it comes to interior decoration, yet they are an essential part of it. A well-chosen wall clock will transform the living areas of your home. For example, a giant wall clock in the living room will catch the eye and subconsciously push the guests in a room to take a closer look at the artistic details of the room. On the other hand, a poorly chosen clock will have the opposite effect by distorting the spirit of the room. Furthermore, clocks, like any other wall decoration object, will dress up the wall by bringing out its colour.

At the time I'm writing these lines we are in 2020, the world is going digital. Yet the people still love the so-called "traditional" clocks. However, the clock has evolved a lot in its style, we find more and more design or modern wall clocks. In spite of everything, the clocks of the past seem to come back in force as if they had never left our interiors. Indeed, the vintage wall clocks, or industrial wall clocks bring an old side and fit perfectly in most of today's interiors, mixing modernity and traditions.

We will see in this article in several points how to choose well a wall clock. 

Which size to choose for your wall clock?

Size is one of the most important elements when choosing to buy a clock. For several reasons: 

  • Obviously, the wall must be big enough to accommodate the clock.
  • Following the same logic, the free space around the clock must be large enough not to overload it.
  • Respect a quota between the size of the room and that of the clock.

Of course, this requires common sense, but one is often lost in front of the large number of existing wall clocks. There are nevertheless some rules to follow if you want to be sure to take a suitable size. The size of the clock should never exceed the size of the wall divided by three. There must be a space of at least half the size of the clock around it. For example, if a clock is 40cm long, once it has been placed there should be nothing around it within a radius of 20cm (Be careful, however, there are exceptions to be made in certain cases where we are trying to recreate a specific style or atmosphere).


It is therefore logical to go for giant wall clocks for your living room. To find out how to install your clock, no matter how big or small it is, you can read our article explaining how to fix your clock to the wall.

Now that we have seen the criterion of the size, we will see that of the color. 

Which color to choose for your wall clock?

One of the most difficult choices to make is the color. We have all experienced the moment when we have to choose which colour to paint this room with every style and result imaginable. The advantage here is that you already have the colour of the room you want to put a clock in. It is then a question of choosing whether to harmonize with the interior or to change it completely to make an element stand out. Explanation with an example: If we have a grey living room, I would strongly advise to opt for a white wooden clock, this will immediately bring much more light into the room. The wood, especially when it is of good quality and very clear will then "catch" the light and make the interior much brighter.

As you can see, colour is an excellent way to brighten up an otherwise dull space. Adding a brightly coloured wall clock can improve the aesthetics of your interior. Contrasting colours and patterns are very much in vogue. Bright shades of lime and earthy tones of red pepper will be among the hottest tones of the coming year. If you wish to harmonize and standardize your interior, we recommend an article from one of our colleagues who will give you some golden rules to succeed in your interior decoration. 

Which material to choose for your wall clock?

There are three main types of materials for clocks: 

  • Wood: Used since the dawn of time, wood is a noble material. It is solid and sturdy, a clock made of quality wood can be passed down from generation to generation.

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  • Metal / Iron: Raw and imposing, it is the material prized by factories. Excellent to bring an "industrial" effect to your interior.

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  • Acrylic: Allowing the manufacture of clocks with synthetic products. This material, although more fragile than wood and metal, allows a greater "customization" of the clock and thus propose unique designs.

There are also other materials with which to make clocks such as glass and crystal. The most important remains the quality of the materials used. Our glass design wall clock is proof of this.

It is now a question of defining which style to adopt according to your desires and interiors. 

Which style of wall clock to choose?

There are a multitude of styles, each bringing a different atmosphere to a home. It is essential to know them if you want to have an interior decoration that makes sense. We are going to detail here the most fashionable at the moment, it is advisable to keep the same style in all your home. Although mixing some of them can give an interesting result (at your own risk). 

  • Design: Style reinventing itself in each era, breaking the "traditional" codes by looking for new forms. Perfect to stand out and create a "wow!" effect.

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  • Industrial: Taking up the codes of industrial architecture with gears, metal and wrought iron. Perfect to give a strong side to your pieces. Requires however large spaces at the risk of making a flop.

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  • Scandinavian: Mainly made of wood, this sleek and reassuring style is making its way into interiors all over the world. Coming straight from northern countries, its cool and trendy side has made its way into the warmth of our homes.

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  • Modern: Chic and elegant are the key words of this style with its pure lines. Creating an aspect of comfort, this style goes very well with interiors that have few elements.

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These styles are obviously to be adapted according to your tastes and desires. Let me know in the comments what is your favourite style ;) 

Finally, don't forget when it comes to wall clocks, it's not just about keeping time, it's about being timeless. 

Hoping to have helped you in your choice, 

The Master of Time.