Having a giant clock at home: advantages and advice

Having a giant clock at home: advantages and advice

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Having a giant clock in your house is something quite unusual after all. I don't know about you, but I've rarely seen giant clocks when I've been invited somewhere. I've seen them before, but they were probably so badly placed that I can hardly remember them. Yet, we've all seen these clocks that blend so well with an interior design. In a home art magazine or while walking around Ikea: they are everywhere! Wouldn't these beautiful and harmonious objects suit the style of your living room? In this article, we will see how to make the giant clock a useful, elegant and therefore indispensable tool.

Having a giant clock at home: the advantages

A unique interior decoration and style

Making a giant clock a decorative object, suits a lot of architecture and style. In fact, it's quite simple: with all the models you can find, you're bound to find THE perfect piece for your home. From the most basic design to a very busy decoration, it is an element that will remain sober if you know how to implement it properly.

You have a large room with a modern style, with an important monochrome. Install, where you concentrate your decoration, a very neutral and original clock to highlight this white wall. You will give your space another dimension.

Your style is more like that of an industrialist? Beautiful bricks, concrete and patinated wood. Now try to visualize these beautiful clocks from the industrial age, like the one of Big Ben. A beautiful raw clock, with its Roman numerals will be perfect to decorate your wall. With this style of decoration you can even couple your giant clock with a small Nixie clock. This object both retro and futuristic will give an added value to your decoration and you can even put it in your kitchen for example. 

Me, I'm more of a gypsy at heart. An interior that is a mixture of beauty, cultures and very warm colors. We find this beautiful wall clock with a design of feathers or leaves for a more tribal and natural decor. 

Don't miss the time anymore thanks to its giant clock

That's right! Now, no more chance to forget time and get stuck at the last minute. You probably have a lot of things to do in your life. Whether it's personal projects in your free time, meetings to plan or even a job with irregular hours. You can't afford to forget where you are during the day. These giant clocks are ideal for that: you can't miss them!

It's also a plus in the time of smartphones and eyes glued to the screens. Looking at the time and starting to navigate on it is no longer necessary, since your clock tells you perfectly. Meals with friends or phones are no longer a source of convivial moments. 

Finding the perfect place for your giant clock

This is a big question for many people. You don't necessarily know how to place your clock on a wall or at what height. Place it too low and your room will lose all its harmony. And if you put it in your toilet or in front of your tiles on the side of your fireplace, not sure it will bring much. 

Let's see right away, in detail, how to find the right location and choose the right height.

Finding the right place for your clock

If you have chosen a giant clock for your decoration, you must have a wall at home big enough to hang it. It will often be put in the main room. The living room is often chosen, in the center of the largest wall to highlight your decoration. Such a big room will often be the only wall element of your decoration. Afterwards, nothing prevents you from adding decoration, if you appreciate the gallery style for example. 

Where to place a giant clock

The size of the giant clocks often makes them rather heavy, and precautions must be taken to install them. These objects are not suitable for basic fastening systems, which generally do not support more than 1 kg. In most cases, you will have to make a hole in your wall.

The best way is to drive a nail or a wall plug and put the notch of your clock in it. It will be strong enough and you will not have to worry about whether your clock will fall or not.

Choosing the right height for your clock

To choose the height of your clock there is no rule, because several factors are taken into account.

What is usually done is to place the clock in the average line of sight of the occupants of the house. This will make it easier to read the time, and you won't have to look for the best position for too long. It is a simple reference to get the ideal height. Thus, in most cases, you will place your clock between 1.50 m and 1.60 m above the ground. For the small anecdote, art galleries and museums position the works at this height.

Afterwards, the choice of a really giant clock (74 cm in diameter for example) will push you to hang it a little higher. It is so imposing that we advise you to place it at about 2 m from the ground, as this will not affect its readability. 

The last important point is the size of the room in which you are going to install your clock. If you have very open spaces, don't hesitate to hang it rather high up. On the contrary, if you are rather small, you can place your object lower. 

For example, if you want to look at your decoration from your sofa, you can place it a little lower. Make sure that it barely protrudes from the sofa (20 cm above) and you will have the ideal height. 

To conclude, I will say that you just have to go for it if you don't have your large clock yet. Do not hesitate to look at our collection of giant clocks to find one of quality that will perfectly decorate your home. For those who already have their clock and don't know what to do with it, don't wait any longer to take it out of the attic! Follow our advice to make it an essential element of decoration.

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