Home Decor : Succeed in modern interior decoration

Home Decor : Succeed in modern interior decoration

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The word "modern" is one of the most misused expressions in decoration. Often confused with contemporary style, today's modern style is actually based on a design movement that originated at the turn of the 20th century. Composed of natural materials in neutral or earthy colours, it eliminates all unnecessary details leaving clean lines and optimized spaces where each element has its utility. Thus, in homes, less was equal to more. To follow this style, decorating one's home now consists of keeping only the useful and practical shapes. A philosophy that today continues to inspire designers. From the Barcelona chairs by Mies van der Rohe to the designs of Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller, countless modernist pieces of furniture have appeared in interiors over the years. In this article we will look at five ideas that can be integrated into a successful modern interior design. 

1) Keep the Modern Style simple

The first idea is to keep it simple. Remember the word that best describes modern design and make sure you integrate it into your space. Of course, it doesn't have to be just four walls and a chair. Going to this extreme is unnecessary, the goal is to keep the decoration as uncluttered as possible. Studies have shown that clutter can cause a feeling of stress in your daily life, so keeping your decor simple will help clear your mind. In terms of interior design there is the Scandinavian style which offers very simplistic raw wood furniture and decorative objects that will perfectly suit a modern decoration.interior design simple design

2) Functionality

The second idea of modern interior design is functionality. Not only should your rooms be simple with clean lines and a minimum of accessories and decoration, but they should also be functional. This varies a lot from room to room, but when you enter a room, it should be easy to access and use various elements. For example, a kitchen designed with a modern décor should have a large workspace with storage and everything should be easily accessible. The location of lamps / fixtures is also very important in each room so as not to waste potential.

For example it is very useful and functional to have a clock. It will tell the time while serving as decoration, so it is not a useless decoration accessory. If you are interested do not hesitate to have a look at our modern wall clocks.

3) Technology

Technology is an essential element in a modern decor. All the electronic devices in your home must be in tune with their environment. That means appliances with clean lines that offer essential functionality (avoid gadgets!). It is very important not to have a "clutter" of cables to keep the lines clean. "Relooking" your living room with the latest technological trends can be an interesting decoration idea in addition to providing a certain comfort in your life. 

4) Open spaces

If you opt for a modern decor, then you'll want to use our fourth idea: lots of open space in your home. In some houses this may not be possible, for example those with closed rooms instead of an open concept. You can always create the appearance of open spaces by using colour, fabrics and furniture. It is also possible to keep the curtains in a light colour to create a feeling of openness in the room, even if this is not the case. You can also use mirrors to create this open feeling. Having large openings with a lot of glass is very common in luxury homes, as it is very expensive.

modern open interior

5) Adding the characteristic

The last idea to create a modern decor in your home is to add some character to the space. It's amazing how a splash of colour on a neutral palette can create such a warm atmosphere in the room. Feel free to explore the options available with the different shades of colour to create an environment with character that you will enjoy sharing. To have a modern home with character it is essential to have the right colours. The use of wallpaper can be considered.

colourful modern interior

Creating a modern interior design doesn't have to be difficult. In a house, there are many rooms with which you can use the space to your advantage. All you need is to remember these five simple rules. You'll see that without even realizing it, your home will look and feel like a modern home at its best.

If modern style doesn't suit you, don't hesitate to ask about the industrial style that is becoming more and more popular in interiors all over the world.

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