Industrial style: A decoration for the whole house

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Industrial style: A decoration for the whole house

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Today we are going to present you the style that is gaining popularity in the interior decoration of houses all over the world, we are talking about the industrial style.

Based on the combination of ancient charms with modern elegance, we will explain this style of decoration and then show you with examples how YOU can implement it in your house or apartment.

1) Industrial Style Definition

  • Explanation of the Industrial Style

Just when designers thought they had seen every possible style and combination of styles, the industry arrived. This revolutionary blend of crude and refined straight out of warehouses and factories converted the great metropolises and influenced modern décor in a powerful and dazzling way.

A perfect compromise between old school and contemporary design, the industrial style is characterized by several points:

- Open spaces with very few walls
- Exposure of structural and mechanical elements
- Raw materials of the period: wood and metal
- Neutral colors

  • History of Industrial Style

In order to cope with the lack of affordable housing in the big cities at the time, some daring people had the idea of transforming abandoned industrial spaces into apartments. History suggests that this trend began in Manhattan in the late 1960s when artists rented spaces to use as studios and then turned them into houses.

Starting from scratch in what can be called a large skeleton building (often a disused factory) the usual methods of creating living spaces could not be used. They then cut large spaces into lofts creating very large open apartments with few or no walls inside, high ceilings and in most cases floor-to-ceiling windows. They retained the industrial framework of the buildings by incorporating their functional features such as piping, ventilation, support beams and wood or concrete flooring.

Nowadays, the industrial style has become very popular, it is no longer "just" warehouses converted into lofts. In most cities, custom homes that mimic authentic lofts can be found. Many of the elements of the industrial style have found their way into other, more traditional types of homes.


2) Industrial Style Decoration

  • Colors for Industrial Style Decoration

    In keeping with the simple aesthetics of the industrial style, the color palette tends towards neutral and warm tones. There aren't many bright colors, instead the style relies on using a combination of neutral shades to create a clean look. It's important to keep this in mind when choosing your color palette.

    However, be aware that not all neutrals are created equal. Unlike the darkness of more traditionally modern spaces, industrial interiors tend to be warmer and more inviting. Indeed, rather than using black and white tones to create a sharp contrast, they incorporate a variety of browns and beiges. We strongly recommend that you use these colors as dominant colors as well as other neutral colors for emphasis.

    Remember that natural materials also count as neutrals. If you are fortunate enough to live in a house with exposed brick walls or exposed ductwork, it is imperative that these be given pride of place! If you don't have any and if it's appropriate, you can consider installing them yourself, of course this is not a given.

    • Furniture for Industrial Style Decoration

      Since industrial decoration is by definition a mixture of old and new, the best way to achieve this contrast is to juxtapose different types of wood and metal in your design.

      When choosing your furniture to create an industrial style, it is important to look for furniture that has a history or at least looks like it. This aged look can also be created and set up by yourself or a professional. Flea markets are therefore an excellent way to find furniture full of history that is perfectly suited to this style and at a great price.

      When it comes to metal, there is no shortage of choices. The finish will play a central role in the overall aesthetics of a room. If you want your room to have an antique look you should opt for a brushed or oiled finish. However, if you prefer to give it a trendy look it is best to opt for polished chrome. In addition, do not forget that metal is not only used for lighting fixtures, it can be used for anything such as shelves, tables, chairs, desks, etc...

      • Placing Industrial Style Objects and Accessories

        It may seem a bit exaggerated, but the key to anchoring your interior in the industrial world is to find ways to make it look like you're really in a turn-of-the-century factory. Like few of us, you probably don't live in one of those much sought-after converted buildings, so you need to spread industrial objects throughout your interior to regain this aspect. Accessories are an excellent way to achieve this.

        As far as accessories are concerned, there are a large number of them that can bring the desired effect. Industrial wall clocks are perfect to decorate a room while being very useful. In fact, all factories had large clocks displaying the time for the workers. Other objects such as parts of factory machinery, old leather goods and period photographs can also match. That said, we suggest that you do an online search to find the design inspiration that matches your personal preferences. Any object that appears to date from this period will do.

        Industrial Wall Clock Collection

        As always, you'll want to make sure you incorporate these touches in various ways throughout the room. Think about this for your murals, lighting fixtures and decorative objects. Moreover, steampunk and its objects are inspired by this industrial style, so if you are interested in the steampunk universe, don't hesitate to integrate it in your interior.

        • Decorate your Walls with Industrial Style

          Although the industrial style does not have many walls and consists mainly of large open spaces, it is still important to decorate the remaining walls well. Having brick walls is the best thing you can do for a successful industrial interior design. As bricks were a widely used element during the industrialization era, this fashion has remained in vogue and as it has become very rare in our contemporary homes having brick walls will make your interior unique. It is also very important to have very high windows opening the interior to the outside.

          To decorate the walls, do not hesitate to incorporate antique objects to your wall decoration. Old maps and even antique bicycles will do the trick perfectly. Adding books and encyclopedias is also a great idea. Industrial decoration being close to Vintage, don't hesitate to install Vintage Wall Clocks.

          • Decorate your Floor in Industrial Style

            The floor is an essential element that plays a big part in the industrial style of a house. Wood floors are the essence of the desired style with its perfect balance of colors, textures and widths. It adds warmth and nostalgia to any room. Think of floors from old factories, that's exactly what you want to recreate. Having a raw wood floor is the epitome of industrial chic. It gives a warm, old-fashioned look, making a nod to a time when boards were cut by hand. They also integrate perfectly with brick walls, exposed piping and other facets of industrial design. It is also possible to have concrete or tile floors. Installing sober carpets in warm colors will reinforce the warm and friendly side of the room.

            3) Industrial Decoration Ideas for Home Rooms

            • Industrial Decoration for the Show

              To decorate your industrial show, you must succeed in placing as many industrial elements as possible while taking care not to overload the room. It is not recommended to put curtains on the windows or very thin ones. The light is very important, coupled with the large open spaces and the neutral and warm colors it is possible to design lounges full of charm and life. To optimize the industrial decoration, do not forget to integrate wood and metal furniture. This mixture of metal and wood can be found in coffee tables, stools, etc...

              • Industrial Decoration for the Bedroom

                In the case of an industrial room, it is imperative to pay attention to everything related to storage. A room has to be practical, having the most beautiful room is not necessarily interesting if you have to hide all your stuff under the bed. To do so, having rough or solid wood cabinets is perfectly suited to the industrial vintage style. As for the bed, prefer beds that give the impression that the mattress is on the floor or metal-framed beds, this will bring a remarkable loft atmosphere.

                • Industrial Kitchen Decoration

                  Industrial kitchens are very elegant, but beware, they may not be suitable for everyone. The industrial kitchen is perfect for homeowners who want to cook with a lot of space. Also very practical, it imitates the utilitarianism of contemporary kitchens. Don't be afraid to create a striking contrast with the latest equipment and modern surfaces. As for storage furniture, it is best to use wood and metal once again.

                  • Industrial Decoration for the Office

                    Industrial decoration offers a great aesthetic for a space such as the office. There are no frills, no fuss, the no-frills approach creates a strong and motivating place that will greatly boost productivity. As with the other rooms, brick, wood and metal are the elements that should predominate in this room.  Add rustic furniture made of recycled wood and an industrial metal desk to bring your interior to life.

                    • Industrial Decoration for the Bathroom

                      The bathroom is a very important place, it is this room that has the most influence on the decision to buy a house in the USA. Therefore, when you choose to have an industrial bathroom, it is essential to be sure that it will suit you. You always have the possibility to use bricks for your walls as well as large tiled windows which will reinforce the industrial aspect. As for faucets, bathtubs and furniture, please use metal instead, as wood is not necessarily the best material in a bathroom.

                      Using old barrels to transform them into a sink is an excellent idea that will make its effect. Don't hesitate to apply it if you have the possibility, generally speaking don't hesitate to recover and use objects that have already been used.

                      Now you know everything there is to know about industrial style. All you have to do is apply it in your interior. I hope you liked it and helped, feel free to write in comment what you thought of this style.

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