Steampunk Decoration: Top 10 Best Decoration Items

Steampunk Decoration: Top 10 Best Decoration Items

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Steampunk originated in 19th century literature when the industrial revolution was at its height. Since then, steampunk has become a real cultural movement and continues to grow in popularity. More and more people are looking to create this style in their interiors, that's why we have gathered for you the TOP 10 of the best steampunk decoration objects.

Number 10: The old cards

Steampunk describes a future (or modified present) universe in which machines (mainly steam-powered) are omnipresent and are changing the face as well as the way of life in our world. The historical characters we know are part of this world as well as the countries and continents. It is therefore normal to find old maps from the industrialization era (where everything began) in the decoration of rooms respecting this style. 

decoration steampunk old card 

Number 9: The globe

We're chasing this top 10 steampunk deco objects with the globe. Following the same logic as the old cards, the old globe is a must in steampunk decoration if you want to be taken seriously! As for the card it must have an old and worn effect (the best being that it is really old, not easy to find it we grant you). The must have is to have a globe made of industrial materials to stick a maximum to the style. Moreover, it's a useful and interactive object, everyone likes to look at and rotate a globe and then ask questions about geography.

steampunk globe

Number 8: The hat

Dating back to the 19th century, the steampunk style is as if frozen in time while being futuristic, that's what makes all the beauty of this universe. The hat, an element of elegance and class very common at the time, is therefore quite naturally found in the decoration. A period hat placed in a strategic place in the room will reinforce the steampunk side while bringing a certain elegance and originality to your interior. Very well known and popular at the time, the top hat is the typical example. To give an even more steampunk side to this object used for decoration, it is recommended to add a touch of "engineering" to it. Adding welder's or aviator's goggles on the hat will make all the difference leaving no doubt about its origin. There are specialized sites such as la-boutique-steampunk that sell these hats.

steampunk hat interior decoration

Number 7: The old trunk

Trunks are omnipresent in the steampunk universe where people walk around and travel with these huge trunks that can hold large objects. Used to transport plans and/or robotic mechanisms, they are the object of intrigue and covetousness. The advantage when one wants to adopt a steampunk style at home is that the objects are often very useful. In the case of the trunk it is possible and even highly recommended to use it as a piece of furniture, a coffee table for example.

Vintage trunks are therefore perfect to create a steampunk atmosphere in your home.

steampunk trunk interior decoration 

Number 6: The telescope

Taking part in a universe where the industry of the time has been pushed beyond the one we know and where it uses machinery drawn from our imagination with inventions each one crazier than the other. In this universe that is ancient yet futuristic, the characters are in perpetual search of novelties and evolutions. It is therefore normal to find telescopes in interiors.

These telescopes bring a unique side to this style, impregnating it even more in innovation and research. The telescope's "industrial" materials further strengthen its anchoring to the steampunk universe.

steampunk telescope

Number 5: Books

Books are sources of knowledge, especially at the time when the style was born because the internet did not exist. Books were therefore one of the only means of safeguarding and transmitting discoveries and inventions. Adding old or aged books will add that innovative side to the decoration which is not lacking in innovation. Having a library anchored in the steampunk style with books from the same era will take your decoration to the next level that few people can reach. Finding antique books can be difficult and very expensive, especially if you are looking for authentic books. However, you can find them used only as decoration in specialized shops or websites. The best (and cheapest) way to get some for decoration is to rummage through your grandparents' belongings and ask them if you can use their old books that they no longer use.

steampunk books

Number 4: Lamps

In most styles lighting has a very important role. It is therefore more than necessary to have the right atmosphere when playing with the lights. In steampunk, the lights are an element not to be missed at the risk of making a mistake. The steampunk lamps are original and clean to the style, offering a light dosed to perfection. One should not have too much light, an alternation of the ranges of lights offers all its charm to the steampunk.

steampunk lamps

Number 3: Chairs

Chairs are one of the main and very useful elements in an interior, they allow to sit but also to decorate a room. We hardly pay attention to ordinary chairs, but those that are out of the ordinary will immediately attract attention. Of course, you want to sit on a nice and comfortable chair rather than a folding garden chair. As seen above, the chairs specific to the steampunk style are rooted in the years of its creation. Resembling the chairs of the bourgeoisie of the time, they bring a unique charm and accentuate the steampunk style.

steampunk chair 

Number 2: Gears

Taking place in an industrial world where steam engines are omnipresent, it is very common to find gears. These gears used to operate all kinds of objects have become over time (and even outside the steampunk style) a very effective decorative tool. Bringing a raw and industrial aspect to an interior, they are out of the ordinary and plunge the spectators back into an era that has changed the face of the world as we knew it. The steampunk gears will perfectly match the decoration and bring an extra touch of this universe. To have a successful steampunk decoration you need to have the maximum number of objects of this style to be immersed in it as much as possible.

 steampunk gears

Number 1: The wall clock

You are beginning to know us and our specialty: CLOCKS. This style, like all styles, is not lacking, we always need a clock. Man has always needed to find his bearings in time, even more so in the age of globalisation and industrialisation. Steampunk clocks are therefore very industrially oriented with, as seen above, apparent gears. These two points complement each other perfectly and make it possible to cover the wall decoration of a steampunk room perfectly. To have a clock is all the more useful because you will have understood it, in addition to decorating it is practical by displaying the time.

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steampunk wall clock

This completes our TOP 10 of the best steampunk decoration items, I hope you liked it and helped you find your way with this style. 

Don't hesitate to let us know in a commentary which object you liked best.

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