The 10 largest clocks in the world

The 10 largest clocks in the world

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Clocks have always fascinated men as much by their utility as by their beauty. The first clocks appeared about 2000 years before J.C., since then they have greatly improved in terms of their functioning and mechanism but also with their ever more innovative aesthetics. Here are the 10 largest clocks ever made in the world! 

Diameter of the clock Big Ben

Before you start and to give you a comparison with the top 10 of the largest clocks in the world, the diameter of the Big Ben clock is 2.7m. This is enough to realize the size of the clocks that will follow.

10th : Colgate Clock

Location: Clarksville, United States
Diameter: 12.19m

On November 17, 1924, the first Colgate clock was mounted on the roof of the Colgate-Palmolive factory in Clarksville, Indiana. It can be seen almost two miles away.

The Colgate clock is one of the largest single-faced clocks in the world, each hand weighing over 225kg. It was built to celebrate the company's centennial in 1906. (Colgate produced its first toothpaste in 1873.) The clock remained on top of the company's facility in Jersey City until it was replaced and moved to Clarksville in 1924.

The Clarksville site was once a state prison before being converted into a factory by Colgate-Palmolive in 1923. For a brief period, it served as both a factory and a prison, as inmates remained in the cells of the institution during the conversion. The plant was operational until 2005. However, when the plant closed in 2008, the clock remained installed. While the developers are debating the fate of the building, the Colgate Clock may be the subject of another major relocation. Currently, the clock is still in place and the building is leased as office space.

9th: Allen-Bradley Clock Tower

Location: Milwaukee, USA
Diameter: 12.25m

The Allen-Bradley Clock Tower is a four-sided clock located at the top of the ALLEN-BRADLEY building (now Rockwell Automation). From 1962 to 2010 it was the largest clock in the world, since surpassed by Saudi Arabia.

When it was inaugurated on October 31, 1962, the clock tower replaced a lower tower that stood above another Allen-Bradley building. The original clock, located 49 meters above street level, was removed after the new tower, which is 85 meters above it, went into service. Each of the clock's four dials is powered independently.

The clock tower is nicknamed the "Polish Moon" because its illuminated sides dominate the horizon on the south side, which once had a large Polish population. It has also become a landmark for navigation, as the clock can be seen for miles across Lake Michigan on a clear night.

8th: Grozny-City Towers Façade Clocks

Location: Grozny, Russia
Diameter: 13.6m

Located on the Grozny-City Towers, these two giant clocks were inaugurated on October 5, 2011 during the celebration of the birthday of Chechen President Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov. The facility consists of a five-star hotel, a 40-story apartment building and a business center located near the Grozny Central Mosque.

The dials of each clock consist of rows of aluminum "Bri-Curtain" LEDs, designed to save weight and offer less wind resistance. Each set of markers, 12 per dial, is illuminated by light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

Each pair of hands is made of seawater resistant aluminum, statically and dynamically balanced. They measure 7,300 millimeters for the minute hand and 5,500 millimeters for the hour hand. Lighting is provided by high-power white light-emitting diodes embedded in black acrylic glass.

7th: Flower Clock

Location: Tehran, Iran
Diameter: 15m

The Flower Clock or Horloge Fleure in French is formerly the largest flower clock in the world! Placed on a 70-ton concrete base, the flowers are planted directly inside the clock.

The specialists spent more than two years creating the unique design of this clock, they had to face the difficult task of developing a mechanism that could withstand all weather conditions. Opened in 2005, it is the result of the government's desire to attract more tourists to Tehran. The operation was a great success because now travelers from all over the world come especially to enjoy one of the largest floral clocks in the world.

6th : Colgate Clock

Location: Jersey City, United States
Diameter: 15.2m

Formerly the largest clock in the world, this clock replaced in 1924 the original steel dial from 1908 which was at the top of the Colgate-Palmolive factory until the 1980s. The Colgate headquarters had been demolished to make way for the new Goldman Sachs Building. The State then chose to keep the clock, which now sits on an empty lot leased to Colgate-Palmolibe by the State of New Jersey and maintained by Goldman Sachs.

The minute hand weighs close to a ton!

5th: Duquesne Brewery Clock

Location: Pittsburgh, United States
Diameter: 18m

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Duquesne Brewery clock was the largest single dial clock in the world when it was built in 1933. The face of the clock has been used to advertise various brands over the years. The watch has a dial of 18 meters by 18 meters with an 8 meter hour hand and a 10 meter minute hand. John Franklin designed the clock, which is powered by a 1.25 HP Janett motor. Audichron built it in Georgia and shipped it to Pittsburgh. Before it was purchased by the Duquesne Brewery Company in 1961, the clock stood on the hill of Mount Washington and displayed advertisements for various beverages. The clock promoted various brands until 2017.

4th: Cenral do Brasil Clock

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Diameter: 20m

The fourth largest clock in the world is located on a 135-meter high tower in the Central Station do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. The station is the last stop of Rio's rail network that connects the city to Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo. This train station is also an important transportation hub in Rio de Janeiro, as it offers a connection to the city's bus station and the metro network. Built in 1943, the clock is very close to the top of this giant tower.

3rd : Floral Clock

Location: Surat, India
Diameter: 24.2m

The Surat floral clock is the largest floral clock in the world. The clock is composed of plantations and earth with each of its hands weighing 800 kg. About 25% of the clock's surface has a reinforced concrete slab on which its mechanisms are installed. The Chennai clock India Company, based in Chennai, built the clock on a 9-hectare plot of land that was donated by the Navin Fluorine Company.

2nd : Istanbul Cevahir Clock

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Diameter: 36m

The second largest clock in the world is located on the large glass roof of the Cevahir Mall in Istanbul's Sisi district, Istanbul. The clock was designed to break the record set by the Flower Clock in Tehran. Built in 2005, the numbers on the clock are about 3 meters high. At the time, the shopping center had the largest leasable area in Europe from 2005 to 2011. It is one of the largest shopping centers in the world.

1st: Abraj AL Bait Towers

Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Diameter: 43m

The Abraj Al-Bait is a high-rise government mega complex of seven skyscraper hotels in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. The central tower, known as the Makkah Royal Clock, has the LARGEST WORLD CLOCK. It is also the third largest structure in the world. Its construction was completed in 2010. All sides of the clock are illuminated by about two million LEDs. The clock is located on a complex of 120 floors with a height of 600 meters.

Giant clock to install at home

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Now you know more about the biggest clocks in the world!
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