The 10 most beautiful clocks in the world

The 10 most beautiful clocks in the world

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Clocks have always fascinated people all over the world. Often installed on tall towers, they were designed to serve as memorials for events or to showcase the talents of watchmakers in addition to displaying the time.

Fan of these creations, here is a list of the 10 most beautiful clocks in the world according to our team.

10th: Philadelphia City Hall

Location: Philadelphia, United States

The clock which is located at the Philadelphia City Hall is a marvel, very large it is endowed with a height of 167 meters. It was designed by the architect John McArthur and was completed in 1901 after being started in 1871. Initially, this tower was supposed to be the highest in the world, however it was beaten by the Eiffel Tower at that time. You can observe the impressive workings of the clocks and towers by climbing up the elevator that leads to the observation deck at the top of the tower.

Philadelphia City Hall

9th: Ferry Building Market

Location: San Francisco, United States 

This clock tower of the Ferry Building in San Francisco is simply breathtaking. It is located in the center of the Ferry Building and stands out on the bottom of the water and the San Francisco Bridge. Fans of architecture and photography will be delighted. 

Ferry Building Market

8th: The Prague Astronomical Clock

Location: Prague, Czech Republic  

This superb clock was completed in 1410 and is about 59 meters high. This wall clock was designed by the clockmaker Mikulas de Kadane and based on the calculations of a professor of mathematics and astrology at Charles University, Jan Sindel. There is an observation deck at the top of the tower that provides a breathtaking view of Prague. From 9 am to 9 pm it is possible to see the twelve Apostles moving. Each one of them has a recognizable feature such as St. Peter who holds the key to the Kingdom of Heaven. The other characters in this "play" are the reaper and a man looking at himself in a mirror, whose figure represents man's vanity.

astronomical clock of prague

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7th: Zytglogge Tower

Location: Bern, Switzerland

This clock was designed in 1405 and rebuilt in 1527. It is only 16 meters high, however this structure has a dominant presence in Bern due to the complex details, bright colors and animated figurines. The figures that frame the clock revolve around it, and on the hour a large figure hammers the bell that rings at the top of the tower. This clock has astronomical features such as a lunar dial, the 12 signs of the zodiac, a calendar and a star map.

Zytglogge Tower Clock

6th: Old Port Clock Tower

Location: Montreal, Canada

This superb white stone structure was completed in 1922 in Montreal. Its height is about 45 meters. The mechanism of this clock was built in England in 1921 by Gillett & Johnson. The original plan was to have an accompanying bell, however this was never installed. The tower was built to honor the men of the Navy who were lost at sea during the First World War.

Old Port Clock Tower

5th : Spasskaya Tower

Location: Moscow, Russia

The 71-meter high tower is a key element of the Kremlin Wall, which houses cathedrals, palaces and the residence of the country's president. The tower was designed by the architect Pietro Antonia Solari. It has a short, soft carillon that plays every 15 minutes and a star perched at the top of the tower. The star was added on the roof by Joseph Stalin.

Spasskaya tower

4th: Sultan Abdul Samad's clock tower

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This tower was completed in 1897 and is 40 meters high. A.C. Norman gave life to this typical building. This tower is topped by a golden dome. It was designed as a symbol of the country's independence when the Malaysian flag was raised at midnight on August 31, 1957.

Sultan Abdul Samad Clock Tower

3rd: Glockenspiel in Munich

Location: Munich, Germany

This building was completed around 1900 by the architect Georg Hauberrisser. During March to October, the clock strikes daily at 11 am, noon and 5 pm, with a 12-minute show consisting of 43 bells and 32 life-size figures. This show tells the story of the marriage of Duke William V and Renata of Lorraine, the jousting tournament and the traditional dance of the coopers.

Glockenspiel in Munich

2nd: Chiang Rai Clock Tower

Location: Chiang Rai, Thailand

It is the youngest tower on the list and is located in the center of a large traffic circle in the city. This masterpiece reflects the style of Thai architecture with the use of gold and embellished design. The artist Chalermchai Kositpipat is behind the creation of this tower.

Chiang Rai Clock Tower

1st : Big Ben

Location: London, England
Diameter: 12.19m 

It is undoubtedly the most famous clock tower in the world, attracting tourists from all over the world. It is part of Westminster Abbey and was completed in 1859. It is 96 meters high. The name Big Ben was originally the name of the largest bell in the tower that struck the time. It cracked only two months after the first carillon and for four years it remained silent. The bell was turned so that a smaller hammer could strike the intact part of the bell.

Big Ben Clock Tower

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