Top 10 Best Vintage Wall Clocks

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Top 10 Best Vintage Wall Clocks

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As you probably know, retro is back in fashion. In a contemporary decoration it is often advisable to place an antique object to break the monotony. What if you did it with a clock on your walls? To help you make your choice we will present you the top 10 of our best vintage wall clocks.

Number 10: The wooden wall clock: Café de la Tour
A colorful clock but which makes us think of an old Parisian café? It is the perfect compromise that this clock offers. Available in several sizes you will find the one that suits your interior decoration.

Vintage Wooden Wall Clock

Number 9: The vintage wall clock: Eiffel Tower
What better than a monument like the Eiffel Tower for your interior? Sober and elegant it is the ideal ally to sublimate a living room. Moreover its aged side makes us think of a postcard from another time.

Vintage wall clock Eiffel Tower

Number 8: The vintage wall clock with rose moldings
This clock will immediately give you the impression of being in a period castle. Traditionally placed on the ceiling, the moldings bring a charm of yesteryear to this unique object. Moreover, it is entirely made of resin: a sturdy and durable material.

Vintage wall clock rose moldings

Number 7: The vintage wall clock in wood and metal: airplane propellers
A design straight out of World War I with the old German bombers. This clock is an original piece full of history for your interior design.

vintage wall clock airplane propellers

Number 6: The vintage Caesar wall clock
The greatness of Rome has arrived at Clock Factory! Inspired by this city that has radiated its culture for nearly 3000 years, our clock will sublimate any living room with a charm from another era.

Vintage Caesar Wall Clock

Number 5: The vintage wooden wall clock
Directly built from raw wood, this clock opts for an antique style that will look great in a kitchen or a wine cellar. Moreover, contrary to traditional clocks, this one is not round, which brings originality and charm.

Vintage Wooden Wall Clock

Number 4: The vintage world map wall clock
Do you remember the planispheres we used to find in our classes during geography lessons? Well we made a clock out of them! It will bring all the charm of yesteryear that your interior needs. Vintage world map wall clock

Number 3: the giant sunrise wall clock
If you have a large living room then this clock will fit perfectly! Inspired by the ancient sun clocks, this wall clock works with a durable and silent quartz movement.

Sun wall clock

Number 2: the classic vintage wall clock
If you want to stay in something simple, this clock is for you. A brushed aluminum effect for a taste of yesteryear, and a no-frills design.

Classic vintage wall clock

Number 1: the giant wall clock with its vintage mechanism
Taking up the design of an industrial clock, this decorative object will bring an antique touch to your living room. If you appreciate the visible mechanisms and gears we invite you to visit our steampunk wall clock collection!

Vintage Giant Wall Clock

Now that you have the list of our most beautiful vintage clocks we let you make your own choice.

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