Industrial Wall Clock

Industrial Wall Clock

Wall Clock Shop's collection of Industrial Wall Clocks is based on all the codes of industrial style. Perfect to fill large walls with elegance, these clocks are part of our collection of Antique Wall Clocks with its spouse the Vintage Wall Clock.

The industrial style, more than a style of an era

Dating back to industrialization, the industrial style emerged during the last century. It has seduced several generations over time with its raw materials such as metal, wrought iron and wood. Its sober colors plunge the interior decoration into the production plants of the time. What makes the charm of the style and accentuates its raw side is the fact that it leaves the machinery accessible. On most of our industrial clocks, large gears are visible in the foreground. The vast majority of our industrial clocks feature Roman numerals, adding more authenticity to the dial. These numbers are large and very typical of the period. The antique look on a wall clock allows you to immerse a room in an authentic period atmosphere. A black metal and gold numbers are often preferred with a round clock giving a contrast that will sublimate the wall of a living room. Although giving a rustic effect, the industrial does not remain design.

Why choose an industrial wall clock?

Adding a wall clock to your home decor allows you to tell the time while giving more charm to your interior. Choosing an industrial wall clock will bring a retro style and make your home stand out for sure. As industrial clocks are often very large it is recommended to place them in rooms with large walls, putting some outside is also a very good idea (some stations use some as station clocks). Close to the vintage style, the industrial wall clock is a silent decorative element not to be missed. Thanks to the Quartz mechanism, the big hands with the aged effect of the clocks turn completely silently. What is remarkable about clocks of this size is that they offer both style and comfort at the same time!