Vinyl Wall Clock

Vinyl wall clock

Discover this magnificent collection of wall clocks made of recycled vinyl records. The 33 rpm is a durable and resistant object which makes it an ideal material for the design of our clocks.

From the idea to the realization

In the 1970s, between 5 and 10 million vinyl records were made each year. In 1990 it almost disappeared, as users switched to a new medium: the CD. A question then arose: what to do with tens of millions of LPs.

Recycler les vinyles avec Horloge Factory

In fact, apart from collectors, a large number of users have got rid of this obsolete support ... However, the 78 towers are not recyclable ... Creating millions of tons of waste. At Wall Clock Shop we collect them then, from our original designs we recycle them to make clocks ! If you are looking for other original designs we have a collection of Unique Wall Clocks available!

Optional LED backlighting available

To break the dark side due to the matte black color of the vinyl you will also find a variant of each clock with an LED device to backlight the clock! Treat yourself there is something for everyone.